Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day and we could tell you all the reasons we love the Lake George Area, but instead we’ll show you! Check out 30 of our favorite LGA Instagram true love pics!

These two love camping!  So do we!

Roger loving one of our LGA sunsets!

The GingerSnap Cake Shop gives us sweet love every day.
Much more love available at Kelly’s Roots Cafe!

@knightandbee captured the love her children
share in front of Lake George

Brandon proposed to Erica while on a
Love is on Lake George private cruise.
She said yes!

Mary is loving the cold at one of the LGA’s many ice bars!

@kikib030 loves the view!

Matthew & Eileen @luckymeadventures love the sun

Doggie love is the best.
Thanks for sharing yours, Arthur @sfccoon!

ReFound Vintage New York loving the view

Tom and Melissa love the Adirondack decor and,
from the looks of it, each other!

Mallory & Robert love the crystal clear
Lake George waters!

The whole Kealy crew loving the great outdoors!

Fun Lovin’ Jen & Fernando
@awesomenessyouarenot at King Neptune’s Pub

Something tells us Brian and Sarah always have
the look of love in their eyes!

Kristin & Mark celebrated their love by getting
married in Lake George!  Congrats you two!

Cameron & Ana are keeping the love real!

Linas and Kristina love adventure!

Rob, Jen and Benny from Guilderland love to
hike on a clear winter day

Sarah & Glenn letting love keep them warm
at the Polar Plunge

Rachel & Danny love relaxing on the shores of Lake George

Sativa Haskell captured the love of her
two little ones as only a mother could.

Lots of love for LG, even on a windy day

Family love is the strongest kind.
Just look at the Strelec family!

A kiss for luck and love before hooking in to the
Adirondack Eagle Flyer zip line. @ohheyitskenzieee

Beautiful, serene love from @Laurr2123

Bryan & Emily loving a sunset boat ride

@love.tys showing off the goofy side of love

Who doesn’t love a bear hug?  Mary sure does!

Jennifer & Blake got married at
The Inn at Erlowest and loved it so much
they came back for their 1 year Anniversary!

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