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Do you like chicken wings?  We sure do!

This Saturday, from 12:00PM – 3:00PM, Lake George Area Restaurants will converge on downtown Glens Falls for the third annual WING FEST!  Each will be serving up their very best chicken wings for your tasting and judging pleasure.

No automatic alt text available.Here’s how it works:

You go, grab a scorecard, buy some $1 tickets and start tasting.  Then you give each wing a score and the restaurant with the highest score wins the coveted Chicken Trophy!

Will the Bullpen Tavern and 190 Grille defend their previous titles?  Or will  one of the other 24 restaurants unseat the past favorites?

It’s all up to you!

Can you get to each restaurant?  If you need to take a break to let your stomach settle, stop by City Park for some live music by The Lounge Lizards and Phil Camp.

This is a hugely popular event so get there early before all the wings are gobbled up!

Vegetarian options will be available.

FUN FACT:  Glens Falls was originally named Wings Falls – that’s where the inspiration for Wing Fest came from!

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Earth Day is Saturday, April 22!

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Earth Day is a worldwide event that celebrates, promotes and supports environmental protection efforts.  The Lake George Area lies in the Southern region of the Adirondack Park with some of the most beautiful environmental recreation area in the world.  Environmental protection is a way of life in the LGA.  This Earth Day, we wanted to take a moment to recognize and thank the many local organizations that work to ensure the Lake George Area’s environment is kept pure and beautiful while still being accessible for the many tourists and environmental enthusiasts who enjoy its wonders.

Thomas Jefferson said in a letter to his daughter after first seeing Lake George that it “is without comparison, the most beautiful water I ever saw; formed by a contour of mountains into a basin thirty-five miles long, and from two to four miles broad, finely interspersed with islands, its water limpid as crystal and the mountain sides covered with rich groves.”

The same water and mountainsides that made such an impression on Jefferson still exist today.  Though the shores are more populated, the pristine nature of the lake still inspires awe in those who see it.  In fact, water from Lake George is so clean that it is used as a source of drinking water for communities surrounding the lake.

We’d like to tell you that the waters of Lake George have never faced environmental threat.  Since we can’t truthfully do that, instead we’ll share some of the accomplishments attained by local organizations that have worked to protect its waters; in particular the Lake George Association, Lake George Park Commission, and Lake George Land Conservancy.

Protecting the Lake from Invasive Species

In recent years, Lake George has faced two very real threats – Asian Clams and Eurasian Watermilfoil.  Efforts to eradicate these two invasive species are ongoing.  You can help!

Asian Clams are very small, usually less than 1.5 inches, and were first spotted in Lake George in 2010.  The clams can spread very quickly, much more quickly than fish and other predators can eat them.  They have clogged water intake pipes, devoured resources relied upon by existing species including Native Mussels and Asian Clam waste can contribute to increased algae growth in the lake.

How did Asian Clams end up in Lake George?

We suspect they arrived as stow-aways in bait buckets and boats that were used in other waters the Asian Clams live in.  Though, as their name suggests, the species comes from Asia, they have thrived in the U.S. since the 1930s and have been identified as invasive species in over 40 states.

What is being done to fight the Asian Clam invasion?

To eradicate Asian Clams, several local organizations work together to pool resources and expertise.  The Lake George Association, Lake George Park Commission, FUND for Lake George and Darrin Fresh Water Institute in Bolton Landing all contribute to the project.  Current research indicates the most effective methods of containment and eradication of Asian Clams are benthic barrier mats.  These have been installed in sites where the species is thriving.  The mats block light from reaching the clams, thereby preventing them from spreading, depriving them of oxygen and limiting their food sources.  As years have progressed, the hardest hit areas have been treated with heavier mats to produce a more firm seal so trapped clams cannot escape.  Mats have also been left in place for longer periods of time including over the winter months when clams are less active.  The mats have been largely effective in removing the clams from Lake George.


How can you help?

Report Asian Clam Sightings.  Take a look at the picture in this post.  If you see anything you think may be an Asian Clam, report it to the Lake George Association.

Help stop the spread.  If you use a boat or bait bucket in Lake George, make sure it’s clam free!  Wash your boat and other equipment before entering and after you leave Lake George and make sure to completely drain all the water.

Invasive Plant Species

Eurasian Watermilfoil is a noxious plant that was first discovered in Lake George in 1985.  Each year, the Lake George Association together with the Lake George Park Commission, FUND for Lake George and other local groups inspect every site where milfoil colonies have been found.  Any new colonies or old plants are hand harvested.  In this way, 80% of the Eurasian Watermilfoil is removed from the lake.  New invasions are a constant threat since milfoil can drift and be reintroduced to the lake through transport on boats.


How can you help? – Lake George Boat Inspections

Asian Clams and Eurasian Watermilfoil are only two of many invasive species found in Lake George’s waters.  To help prevent the spread of other identified species including the Spiny Water Flea, Zebra Mussels, the Chinese Mystery Snail and the Curly-Leaf Pondweed, the Lake George Association established a Lake Steward Program.  Stewards were hired for the summer to inspect boats and various boat launches around Lake George to help prevent invasives from entering the lake.

In 2014 the Lake George Park Commission made boat inspections mandatory for any vessel entering Lake George.  The LGA’s Lake Steward Program served as a natural forerunner for the program and was developed and expanded into the current program which offers free inspections to all Lake George boaters.  For more information, visit

Protecting Water Quality

Since 55 percent of the water in Lake George comes from streams that deposit into the lake, the Lake George Association takes on projects each year to keep streams that feed Lake George healthy.  A healthy stream is one that flows well, collects sediment and debris before it reaches the lake and doesn’t contribute to lake pollution.

There are over 141 streams that flow into Lake George.  These make up much of the lake’s watershed (a fancy term for the entire area around the lake where rainwater flows downhill into the lake).  Lake George’s watershed is 233 square miles (152,000 acres) and the Lake George Association works to make sure all the streams in that enormous area (pictured to the left) are healthy.

How does the LGA keep a stream healthy?

The LGA has identified eight major streams that flow into Lake George.  These have smaller streams that feed them.  Storm water management, stream corridor management and education are the primary ways the LGA works to keep the Lake George watershed healthy.  Storm water management involves working with municipalities to identify risk areas for runoff from roads and commercial sites.  The LGA then collaborates with government agencies on engineering projects to improve conditions.  Each year, the LGA identifies new projects to help minimize the impact of storm water runoff.  Last year, they completed a project with Bolton Landing to help improve Rogers Park.

To manage storm corridors, the LGA looks at the state of streams.  Are they stable?  Are they eroding?  What is causing erosion?  The LGA investigates erosion in streams every year and works to reverse it.  Last year the organization repaired more than three streams to restore natural flow and allow smelt to better travel in the waterways.  In addition, the LGA cleaned out settlement ponds in the watershed to capture debris before it reached the lake.


How can you help?

The LGA works to educate the population on how to better care for Lake George’s watershed.  It’s citizen science programs help to teach you how to monitor the lake.  The LGA can’t be everywhere at once but if enough people learn how to determine what’s good and bad for the lake, they won’t have to be!  Check out their Citizen Science page for information on current projects and get involved.  During the summer, take a trip on the LGA’s floating classroom to learn the science behind what makes Lake George so special.

Plant a native plant!

To celebrate Earth Day, the LGA is giving away plants native to the Lake George Area.  Stop by a local town hall building Monday, April 24 starting at 9am and pick up a plant for your yard or garden!


Protecting the Land

Forestland in the Lake George Area needs just as much protection as its waters.  Luckily, the Lake George Land Conservancy is on the case.  They work to preserve lands, acquiring at risk property for protection initiatives, managing those lands and educating the public so everyone knows how to be a good land steward.

Ecological Restoration


When the LGLC establishes a preserve, ecological restoration is often needed to help restore areas of the property to a more natural state.  This can include planting native trees, hydroseeding and controlling invasive plant species.  Preserves are then monitored to ensure no new threats take hold and populations of native species like birds and animals are supported.

In the past three years alone, the LGLC has protected nearly 1,400 acres of land including forestland, wetlands, vernal pools, important habitat and many miles of trails.  Since much of the LGLC’s preserves are located within the Lake George watershed, erosion control is a priority.  Previous industrial operations including logging and mining have decreased stability of lands, threatening to send large amounts of erosion and sediment into the lake.  Improving the vegetation around at risk areas helps to reduce erosion.

Like the waters in the Lake George Area, the forestlands are also susceptible to invasive plant species.  Currently hemlock woolly adelgid is the most aggressive invasive species in LGLC preserve areas.  To fight the spread of hemlock woolly adlegid, LGLC must constantly monitor preserves to identify new infestations and remove trees infected by the plant as soon as possible.

Trail Creation and Management

trail marker_AmandaMetzgar

Currently, the LGLC manages nine parks and preserves that are home to over 20 miles of trails.  Trails are open to the public year-round for hiking, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.  Most trails lead visitors to interesting geographic features including beautiful vistas with views of Lake George, waterfalls and beaver ponds.  Trails within these preserves are well marked with the LGLC trail markers and kiosks at the start of trails are stocked with guides.  (Check out the view from the top of The Pinnacle Trail above.)  Trails are not only carefully designed and built but they must also be maintained.  Ongoing maintenance of trails requires regular inspections and removal of debris.  Rebuilding after erosion and installation of drainage systems helps prevent trails from washing out and maintains their stability and safety.


How can you help?

Donate. Protecting the land costs money.  If you have a little extra, consider donating to one of the LGLC’s current projects.  Details about each project, funding goals and online donation tools are available on the LGLC’s Current Projects page.

Volunteer.  The LGLC is always in need of volunteers to help maintain trails and identify invasive species in preserve lands.  They will provide all the training necessary.

Learn.  The best way to help is to take some time to educate yourself on the best ways to appreciate the land.  Most of us know not to leave trash on the trails we enjoy but educating yourself about which trails are best for pets, for families and the seasons when trails should be enjoyed will help to keep trails healthy.  For LGLC trail information, visit their Hike Lake George page.  The LGLC also offers education for landowners looking to protect their land.  Visit the LGLC’s Options for Private Landowners page for details.



Lake George Area Weekend To Do

Garden Bros Circus

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Friday, April 21 at 4:30pm & 7:30pm
Glens Falls Civic Center

Circus is an American tradition, a family tradition.  This Friday, keep tradition alive and pass it on to your children. Garden Brothers Circus is a third-generation owned circus that began in Canada. We believe in tradition and some day will pass this great show down to the 4th generation of Gardens.

George Winston

Friday, April 21 at 8:00PM
Charles R. Wood Theater

Inspired by the seasons and topographies, George Winston plays over 100 solo concerts a year. His concerts feature a variety of styles, including melodic folk piano, New Orleans R&B piano, and stride piano. He performs songs from his seasonal favorites AUTUMN, DECEMBER, WINTER INTO SPRING, and SUMMER, as well as Peanuts pieces from his Vince Guaraldi tribute albums LINUS & LUCY –THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI, and LOVE WILL COME-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI, VOL. 2, and more.

Ex-Drag-Va-Ganza Drag Show

Friday, April 21 at 8PM
SUNY Adirondack

“Ex-Drag-Va-Ganza” Drag Show starring Jaidynn Diore Fierce, contestant on Season 7 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Performers include Pacifica Rim, Jacqueline Frost, Bee’Uh BombChelle and Nyah, with emcees Ms. Kitten Kaboodle and Mr. Sabastian. Presented by the SUNY Adirondack SAGA Club: Sexualities and Gender Alliance.

Release the Fiber Artist Within

Saturday, April 22 at 9:00AM
The Shirt Factory

In this class students will learn how to make their own fabric by dyeing using a variety of techniques. Students will also be introduced to the art of embellishing with beads and other objects. The instructor will provide students with dyes and embellishments. A variety of tools and their proper use will be demonstrated.

Adirondack Wedding & Party Expo

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Saturday, April 22 from 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 23 from 12pm – 4pm
The Dome

The purpose of this event is to provide our community with a variety of vendors for your most trusted events. From the small back yard party to the most luxurious weddings we want you to experience it all!  You can get  up close and personal with each vendor. Take the time to ask the questions you may want. Get details and quotes on the spot. This is a great event for anyone who is planning a wedding, corporate event, reunion or just a back yard birthday party!

Adirondack Thunder Kelly Cup Playoffs

Saturday, April 22 at 7:00pm
Glens Falls Civic Center

Come see the Adirondack Thunder (1st seeded team in the North Division!) compete for the Kelly Cup and the honor of being the best team in the North Division.  After winning the North Division Championship, the Adirondack Thunder will proceed to the 3rd Round in the Kelly Cup Championship against the South Division winner to claim the title of Eastern Conference Champion.

Lake George Half Marathon & 5K

Sunday, April 23 at 9:00AM
Fort William Henry

The Lake George Half Marathon is a challenging course run out and back along the west coast of beautiful Lake George.  The accompanying 5K will give family and friends of the half marathoners a chance to run their own race.

de Blasiis at The Hyde

Sunday, April 23 at 3:00PM
The Hyde Collection

Robert Marshall Auler is an award-winning American concert pianist who maintains a national and international performing and recording career. Auler has won numerous competitions, including the Society of American Musicians First Prize. Following his success in the Young Keyboard Artists’ Association Piano Competition, Auler was invited to perform on a fifteen-city tour with orchestra throughout Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Spring Training in the Lake George Area

It happens every year, the ski season winds to a close, people finish their basketball brackets, and boom—5k road races and trail runs abound.
You don’t have to be a hardcore runner to know it’s spring and it’s as good a time as any to shift things into a more active gear.

We wanted to share a few tips on how you might start your spring training. The Lake George Area is lucky to have incredible trail systems to enjoy,
many years round. Whether your spring training is a continuation of winter training or something you’ve been thinking you ought to do,
we’ve got you covered.

A nice easy loop to start with is the Hudson Pointe Nature Preserve Trail in Queensbury. The Preserve is comprised of more than 83 acres of land that boast interpretive signs about the plant and wildlife. Leashed dogs are welcome and you have your choice to do a 1.75-mile trail or less. Easily walked or jogged.

Cole’s Woods, located in Glens Falls near the YMCA, offer more than 7 kilometers of trail running. You can set your own pace and enjoy the well-groomed trails and oasis of wooded terrain in the middle of the city.

Rush Pond Trail is near the Warren County Municipal Center, just south of the factory outlets, and offer a 2.6mile trail with hills and turns. Along the trail you’ll hear the gurgle or rush of water depending on the season. Easy parking lot, dog-friendly, and well groomed for speed if you like, this trail is a gem.

Another trail option with hills is just off Exit 19 behind the Queensbury Union Free School District Campus. Signage has been added by local Eagle Scouts, and a variety of twists and turns allow you to fashion the right level of flat and fiercely hilly to challenge your legs—3.1miles, 1.8miles, or however you run it.

Not everyone wants to run on trails, preferring a track or paved path. The tracks at the Queensbury and Glens Falls campuses are fair game when school is not in session, but when it is, the Warren County Bike Trail is a great option for longer runs. This trail runs 9.4 miles between Glens Falls, starting at the Feeder Canal, and extending up to Lake George and Battlefield Park. There are temptations along the way, from benches to sit on, to a literal ice cream stand on the path. Stay strong, or fuel up, we won’t judge.

This close to the High Peaks, it only makes sense that runners try the occasional mountain. The Prospect Mountain Trail is 3.2 miles and dogs are allowed. Upon reaching the summit, not only will you feel triumphant, you’ll have a great view of the lake.


What about a cross training option, does running bore you? The Adirondack Sports Complex offers a multi-use facility with adult leagues, batting cages, and rentals.

The Morse Field complex nearby also offers open fields and a space to run sprints, stretch, and scrimmage. Dogs aren’t a great idea here, but lacing up your sneaks and preparing to have a good old-fashioned work out in the open air is a solid plan.


If you’d rather have guidance as you train, there are cross-fit gyms, Les Mills, Pilates, and yoga options in great supply in the area. No matter what, getting out and moving in the Lake George Area in the springtime is a treat!

What’s Up for Spring Break

A week off from school!  Hooray!  What are your plans?  A vacation to the LGA?  A staycation in the LGA?  Either way – here’s a sampling of what’s on tap for your Spring Break!


Rocksport Grand Re-Opening

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9am – 12pm: Members Only
12pm – 10pm: All Climbers
54 Carey Rd. in Queensbury

After more than 20 years at their original location, the popular Rocksport Indoor Climbing Center is re-opening in their brand new custom built space.  It’s huge.  More climbing walls, more height (50 feet!), more to do.  There’s a workout space, a cafe, and a state-of-the art Moon Board Training Area that uses LED lights to guide you along your perfect climb!

Activities Every Day at Crandall Public Library

Image result for crandall public library
Monday – Thursday: 9am – 9pm
Friday: 9am – 6pm;   Saturday: 9am – 5pm;   Sunday: 1pm – 5pm
Downtown Glens Falls

Crandall Public Library is a local gem.  An excellent youth program offers activities for kids of all ages.  Their daily schedule for Spring Break is packed with films, art activities, music and games.  Click here to see the full week’s schedule.  Here are a few of our favorites:

Art Blast

Tuesday at 3:30pm – Drop in art projects for kids in kindergarten and up.  No sign up required!

Royal Reception

Wednesday at 2pm – Come and meet your favorite fairy tale characters.  Free for children ages 3 and older and their families.  Costumes are encouraged.  Sign up required.

Drop in Cards

Wednesday at 6pm – Teens can bring their Yu Gi Oh!, Magic, or Pokemon cards for a drop in duel.


Preschool Acting Workshop

Thursday & Friday at 10am – Come Thursday and Friday for fun acting games and to create and perform an original 10 minute show!  For ages 3-5, sign up required.  Must attend both days.  Performance at 11:15am on Friday.


Spring Break Kids’ Workshop

Spring Break Kids' Workshop
Tuesday, April 18 – Friday, April 21 from 10am – 12:30pm each day
The Hyde Collection

Send your little explorers on an art-inspired adventure. Students ages 6 to 12 get a passport to a world of art with hands-on projects and exploration.  Registration is required.

Garden Bros Circus

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Friday, April 21 at 4:30pm & 7:30pm
Glens Falls Civic Center

Circus is an American tradition, a family tradition.  This week, keep tradition alive and pass it on to your children. Garden Brothers Circus is a third-generation owned circus that began in Canada. We believe in tradition and some day will pass this great show down to the 4th generation of Gardens.

National Animal Crackers Day

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Tuesday, April 18 from 10am – 2pm
Chapman Historical Museum

Join the Party for National Animal Crackers Day! They were first imported to the U.S. from England but made in the U.S. after 1871.  We’ll be celebrating with Crafts, Stories & Games —and Animal Crackers! Reservations are recommended.

Adirondack Thunder Hockey Games

Tuesday & Thursday, April 18 & 20 at 7:00pm
Glens Falls Civic Center

Come see the Adirondack Thunder (1st seeded team in the North Division!) compete for the Kelly Cup and the honor of being the best team in the North Division.  After winning the North Division Championship, the Adirondack Thunder will proceed to the 3rd Round in the Kelly Cup Championship against the South Division winner to claim the title of Eastern Conference Champion.

ArtFull Afternoons

Wednesday, April 19 between 2:30pm & 4:30pm
The Hyde Collection

Ages 5-14 with adult companion.  Drop in, take a self-guided tour and then come make themed art in the studio.

Fun World Arcade 40th Anniversary

Daily, 11am – 7pm
Fun World Arcade in Lake George Village

Fun World Arcade kicks off it’s 40th season in style.  A new, quarter-free, gaming system is unveiled this week as the arcade opens full time for the season!  No quarters and no paper means easier game play for you and a cooler, more fun experience!  Load money onto your game card and play for hours.  All your winnings will be recorded on the card.  Keep your re-loadable card for the day or forever.  Plus, register your card for extra bonuses and to easily replace if lost or stolen.

Tours for Tots

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, living room and indoor
Thursday, April 20 at 10:30am
The Hyde Collection

Specially designed programs for ages 5 and under to explore the museum with an educator and enjoy creative time in the art studio.

Lake George Area Weekend To Do

This Holiday weekend there’s plenty to do.  Take your pick!

Good Friday Fish Fry Cruise

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water
Friday, April 14 at 5pm
Lake George Steamboat Company

The Lake George Steamboat Company kicks off its 200th Anniversary with a weekend of cruising.  The first cruise features a fish fry dinner as you sail along beautiful Lake George.

Customer Appreciation Cruises

Image may contain: ocean, sky, mountain, outdoor, nature and water
Saturday, April 15 at 10am and 2pm
Lake George Steamboat Company

Saturday is the official 200th Anniversary of the Lake George Steamboat Company.  In thanks for the many years of success the company has experienced, two cruises will be offered, free of charge, first-some first-served.  Ticket window opens 1 hour prior each cruise.  700 maximum passengers per cruise.

The Rotary 5K & Corporate Challenge

Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, child and outdoor
Saturday, April 15 at 10am
SUNY Adirondack

Springtime Community 5K for runners/walkers of all ability levels. One small hill, then flat and fast. Local charity fundraiser for Under the Woods Foundation and Warren Washington Association for Mental Health.

Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunday Gondola at Sunrise
Sunday, April 16, 6:15 – 6:45am for Gondola, 7am start
Gore Mountain

Join the Gore Region community for this annual tradition, a non-denominational service at the summit of Bear Mountain with singing, instrumentals, and community participation.

Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet

Easter brunch food items
Sunday, April 16 from 7:30am – 1:30pm
Gore Mountain

Enjoy unlimited Easter helpings!  Our huge buffet will please your entire family as you celebrate the Easter Holiday and enjoy the mountain in the Spring.

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Sunday, April 16 at 10:30am
Glens Falls Civic Center

Join us for the second year as we hunt down over 25,000 eggs on the ice at the Glens Falls Civic Center.  Infants through children in Grade 5 are invited to participate.

Easter at Chingachgook

Sunday, April 16 at 11am
YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Join us for Easter Brunch from 11am to 1:30pm.  Bring your Easter basket for an Easter egg hunt at 1:30pm.  Take a photo with the Easter bunny and hike the many trails behind camp.

Easter Brunch on the Lake

Sunday, April 16 at 11am
Lake George Steamboat Company

Be one of the first out on Lake George this year!  Brunch with us this Easter.  All ages welcome.

Five Indoor Adventures in the Lake George Area

Vacationing in the Lake George Area is an all-out electrifying adventure and many of those awesome experiences take place indoors. When an unexpected boom of thunder or an unusually frigid morning threaten your plans these five properties will save the day. Take your family to a luxurious resort and indoor water park where it’s summer all year round. Let loose at an indoor fun center where you can play laser tag, bowl strike after strike, and crush virtual golf balls on a sports simulator. Survive a climb up a steep indoor rock wall or an exploration of a haunted mansion. These five indoor adventures are a thrilling addition to every Lake George Area getaway.

The first stop on our tour in the Lake George Area is the Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park. This Adirondack-themed hotel is a haven for adventurers, offering family-friendly restaurants, constant kid-centric activities, and of course, a massive indoor water park. The Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Water Park has everything you would expect from a top-notch water adventure: water slides, a lazy river, and even boogie boarding and surfing.

The magic begins at White Water Bay where it’s always summer and the temperature is a constant 82 degrees. This indoor bay is where all of the slides and rides are located. First, head to Glacier Run and Snow Shoe Falls, two of the most exhilarating water slides you’ll ever encounter. These tubes are fast and furious, both running nearly 300 feet. After your heart stops pounding take a break on Take-it-Eesi Creek, a lazy river sprinkled with mini waterfalls and other surprise splashes to ensure you’re absolutely soaked. Next, pump it up again at the Avalanche, a four-person ride down a 382-foot tube that is almost as extreme as rafting the mighty Hudson River. End your evening with the all-new Splashtacular Light Show. This nightly event features hundreds of moving multi-colored lights that flash and flare in rhythm to the newest music and classic hits. Once you get in the water and the music is turned up you’ll be dancing the night away.

And there’s more where that came from. Young children will love Tip-A-Kanu-Beach, featuring a shallow pool with small water slides, swings, and fountains to keep them safe and refreshed. After your kids have had enough water for the day, they can head to the Kids Klub Clubhouse for arts and crafts, stories, and movies. Kids can also join Scooby-Doo for milkshakes or Scrappy-Doo for ice cream sundaes. As far as indoor adventures go, this one is a lot of water-logged fun.

Next on our list of indoor adventures is Rocksport, an indoor rock climbing gym that welcomes climbers of all ages and ability levels. With nearly 10,000 square feet of indoor rock climbing space, Rocksport is the place to go for a high-quality indoor rock climbing adventure. Their absolutely brand new facility includes beginner walls for those new to climbing, overhanging walls for the advanced, and a bouldering cave for rope-free climbing.

Rocksport knows what they’re doing when it comes to climbing. This family owned and operated business has been instructing climbers since 1992. The experienced climbing team staff includes a former national competitor and a former National Park Climbing Ranger. They wrote an early Adirondack climbing guidebook in 1972 and have climbed in far-flung places such as the Alps and Himalayas. They’ve safely introduced over 21,000 people of all ages and ability levels to climbing. Safety is of the utmost concern.

First-time climbers are always welcome at Rocksport. The minimum age for climbers is five-years-old. The introduction to climbing technique and safety is serious at Rocksport. After a waiver is signed by a parent or guardian over the age of 18, the gear fitting and gym orientations begin. Climbers will be issued climbing shoes and anyone with their own gear will have it safety checked. Staff will explain the layout of the gym and any questions you have are encouraged. Next is the safety briefing which consists of staff teaching climbers how to effectively belay and lower climbers to the ground.  Visitors cannot climb independently until these techniques are mastered. Then, it’s time to conquer the climbing wall. If indoor adventure is about strength and fortitude, Rocksport is your place.

Third on our list of indoor adventure spots in the Lake George Area is The Fun Spot. This family-friendly fun center has several options that kids and adults will enjoy. The Fun Spot’s activities encourage excitement and movement so that kids can get exercise even on rainy days.

Your first stop should be The Ninja Challenge. This physical trial features nine challenging elements that are designed to test and hone your ninja skills. Challenges include hanging rings to traverse, slanted blocks to be bounded over, and ropes to climb. While the recommended height of potential ninjas is 54” tall, anyone shorter than that can always give it a go. If you’re up for the challenge you may even be Ninja of the Day.

Another sweet indoor activity at the Fun Spot is their laser tag arena. This multi-level Lasertron Arena is an awesome place for kids to run around and compete in a battle in the dark. The new arena is cutting edge, featuring bases on the top and bottom levels, 12 different power chips, and new vests with advanced technology. This isn’t a virtual reality game – kids can chase each other from base to base and blast their laser gun at enemies. Competitors even get their own personal report cards so they know who truly demolished the competition.

Don’t leave the Fun Spot without doing a few laps at their roller skating rink. There’s nothing like strapping some roller skates or roller blades to your feet and speeding around the rink for a few hours. The Fun Spot is always playing the hottest new music so kids can jam out while they skate. Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your own blades. The Fun Spot has plenty of pairs available for rent.

The Fun Spot’s indoor playground is perfect for kids too young for laser tag or the Ninja Challenge. This 1,500 square foot attraction features 12 different elements for kids to explore. There are two 16’ foot double slides, a zip line, a magic carpet, the elastic tunnel and the cave climb. And if that’s not enough, some pizza, chicken nuggets, and arcade games can round out the afternoon. That’s a full day of indoor adventure.

No list of indoor adventure is complete without a visit to the bowling alley. Lake George Lanes offers top-notch bowling along with indoor sports simulators, laser tag, arcades, and an indoor playground, all conveniently placed in Lake George Village.

This premier bowling spot has plenty of lanes to choose from and there’s always a lane open. Their facility is new and updated with state of the art equipment, including TVs at every lane so you never miss a home run or a touchdown. All ages and ability levels are welcome and encouraged to bowl at Lake George Lanes. For a nighttime treat bring your family to Galactic Bowling. This variation on regular bowling has great music and a scintillating lights show. Roll strike after strike under black lights, special effects, and all of your favorite tunes. There’s nothing like bowling with your family.

The sports simulators are another big hit at Lake George Lanes. The golf courses are most popular. You can chip and putt on some of the most famous courses in the world, such as Bethpage Black and Torrey Pines. Sneak in a round during a Nor’easter or while the rest of your family is bowling. If you’re not a golfer you can also play simulated football, soccer, and baseball.

Lake George Lanes has a few more attractions in addition to bowling and sports simulators. The laser tag arena is a multi-level “Adirondack Fort” themed course. They have first-class equipment that allows for several different styles of laser tag games to be played and as many as 24 participants per game. You can retain your scores and data for the entire duration of your stay so that you can stack yourself up against other competitors. They also have an awesome arcade and a great indoor playground for kids. Their arcade features the newest and sweetest games such as Typhoon Lagoon, Aliens, and Down the Clown. Their indoor playground is perfect for young children. They have over 10,000 feet of slides, bumpers, and other elements to explore.

Last but not least on our list of Lake George Area indoor adventures are the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum and Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House. Both of these spooky adventures are located in Lake George and are waiting to be explored – if you dare.

To experience one of the scariest adventures in the Lake George Area, make a heart-pounding stop at the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum. This museum displays traditional horror scenes from pop culture and literature in the style of classic wax museums. The environment is dark and may be terrifying for some children, so parental discretion is advised. If you’re lucky you may be able to shake Frankenstein’s monster’s hand.

For a different type of scare head down the street to Dr. Morbid’s Haunted House. Legend holds that Dr. Willy Morbid, a wax maker, used some unusual and horrifying techniques while creating his wax statues. This indoor adventure is a bit scarier than the House of Frankenstein, as possibly real monsters lurk in this haunted house in the middle of Lake George Village. You’re in for a real indoor adventure if you’re brave enough to investigate Dr. Morbid’s Haunted Mansion. Parental discretion is definitely advised!

While the stunning mountain views, manicured golf courses, and crystal-clear lakes should be the center of every Lake George Area vacation, indoor adventures should never be left out. There’s always room for some runs on a water slide, a tour through a grotesque wax museum, or a round of laser tag. After all, the Lake George Area is all about fun. A lot of that fun happens indoors.

Easter in the LGA

Happy Easter!

There are lots of ways to celebrate the Holiday in the LGA.

Here are our favorites.


Easter Egg Hunt!

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Saturday, April 15 at 9am
Glens Falls Farmers Market

Search high and search low, where you will find them only the market vendors will know! Children can first stop by the activity table to decorate their bag, then head out on a hunt for the hidden Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg-stravaganza

Sunday, April 16 at 10:30am
Glens Falls Civic Center

Join us for the second year as we hunt down over 25,000 eggs on the ice at the Glens Falls Civic Center.  Infants through children in Grade 5 are invited to participate.

Easter Sunrise Service

Easter Sunday Gondola at Sunrise
Sunday, April 16, 6:15 – 6:45am for Gondola, 7am start
Gore Mountain

Join the Gore Region community for this annual tradition, a non-denominational service at the summit of Bear Mountain with singing, instrumentals, and community participation.

Easter Sunday Brunch Buffet

Easter brunch food items
Sunday, April 16 from 7:30am – 1:30pm
Gore Mountain

Enjoy unlimited Easter helpings!  Our huge buffet will please your entire family as you celebrate the Easter Holiday and enjoy the mountain in the Spring.

Easter Brunch on the Lake

Sunday, April 16 at 11am
Lake George Steamboat Company

Be one of the first out on Lake George this year!  Brunch with us this Easter.  All ages welcome.

Easter at Chingachgook

Sunday, April 16 at 11am
YMCA Camp Chingachgook

Join us for Easter Brunch from 11am to 1:30pm.  Bring your Easter basket for an Easter egg hunt at 1:30pm.  Take a photo with the Easter bunny and hike the many trails behind camp.

Lakeside Easter Brunch

Sunday, April 16 from 10am – 3pm
Georgian Lakeside Resort

Enjoy a delightful Easter brunch overlooking Lake George.  The Easter Bunny will be on hand so have your cameras ready!  Plus live music with Chuck Kelsey.

Easter Brunch on the Bay

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Sunday, April 16 from 10am – 3pm
Dunham’s Bay Resort

Enjoy the lovely view of Dunham’s Bay as you indulge in a delicious Easter brunch.  All ages welcome.

Easter Brunch at The Q

Image may contain: food
Sunday, April 16 from 11am – 3pm
The Queensbury Hotel

Indulge in a delicious buffet with your family at the newly revitalized Queensbury Hotel.  Children under 6 are free!

Downtown Easter Brunch

Image may contain: outdoor
Sunday, April 16 from 10am – 3pm
Morgan & Co. Restaurant

Enjoy brunch with a view of Glens Falls City Park inside our historic building or on our large front porch.  Featuring Easter favorites as well as selections from our regular menu.

Sailing Easter Weekend with the Lake George Steamboat Company

Spring is finally blooming after a winter that lasted a little bit too long. To help get the Lake George Area into a springtime mood the Lake George Steamboat Company will be sailing three times over Easter weekend. These Easter weekend sails on Lake George are part of the Steamboat Company’s 200-year anniversary which they will be celebrating throughout 2017.

The Lake George Steamboat Company will be kicking-off Easter weekend on Friday, April 14th with a Good Friday Fish Fry Cruise aboard the Lac du Saint Sacrament. This full buffet will feature macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie, baked cod with a cheddar crumb topping, fried mahi-mahi, salads, and french fries. The Good Friday Fish Fry Cruise boards at 5 pm and sails from 6 pm to 8 pm. In celebration of their 200th year, adult prices are $20.17 and kid’s prices are $18.17, corresponding with the year the Lake George Steamboat Company received their original charter from New York State.

On Saturday, April 15th the Lake George Steamboat Company will be offering two very special Customer Appreciation Cruises on the Lac du Saint Sacrament. These cruises are being offered to thank the people who have supported the Lake George Steamboat Company over the past two centuries. The first cruise boards at 10 am and sails from 10:30 am to 1 pm. The second cruise boards at 2 pm and sails from 2:30 pm to 5 pm. Both of these cruises are absolutely free. Tickets will be given out one hour prior to departure time with a max of 700 tickets available per cruise given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. There will be no advanced reservations accepted, so if you plan on joining the Steamboat Company make sure to get in line on time! There will be a cash bar and a snack bar available on these cruises.

The final Lake George Steamboat Company Easter weekend cruise will be an Easter Sunday Champagne Cruise aboard the Lac du Saint Sacrament on Easter Sunday, April 16th. This cruise will feature a full medley of delicious lunch and brunch items to enjoy while you cruise Lake George. The breakfast menu includes a pastry station, an omelet station, bacon and sausage, home fries, and Texas french toast. The lunch menu features tossed salad, tomato and cucumber trays, wild mushroom salad, pasta salad, Mediterranean salad, cod with a cheddar bread crumb topping, chicken francaise with lemon sauce, baked Virginia ham, and cheesecake with Melba sauce for dessert. This final cruise of the weekend boards at 11 am and sails from 12 pm to 2:15 pm.

So if you’re in the area and looking for a unique way to spend an afternoon over Easter weekend, give the Lake George Steamboat Company a call.

If the lake is still frozen these events will be held dockside.

Lake George Area Weekend To Do

Months on End

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Thursday – Saturday, April 6-8 at 7:30pm
Sunday, April 9 at 2:30pm
SUNY Adirondack

A funny and touching modern piece that follows the intertwined worlds of a circle of friends and family whose lives are poised between happiness and heartbreak. As many of the characters find, “We don’t have to like the same things to like each other.”

The Howl Story SLAM

The Howl Story SLAM

Friday, April 7 from 7pm – 9pm
Davidson Brothers Brewing Company

The Howl Story SLAM is an open microphone storytelling competition open to anyone with a five-minute story to share on the night’s theme, The first time I ever. . . Storytellers (you, your friends and anyone else with a story to tell) put their names in a hat. Names are picked, and one by one, storytellers take the stage and tell us their best “The first time I ever. . .” story in five minutes. Two local judges will score every story to select The Howl StorySLAM winners of the night.

Fierce & Feisty

Friday, April 7 at 7:15
Charles R. Wood Theater

Fierce & Feisty is back again! Enjoy the evening with some beautiful Drag Queens and handsome Drag Kings! We have quite the line up for year 2! Including some secret new Queens making their big show debuts!

Woodworking Hand Tools-Basics

Saturday, April 8 from 9am – 4pm
Adirondack Folk School

Woodworking and using hand tools isn’t something just for “Tim the Tool Man”, but is for anyone. With the basic knowledge you will get in this class you will be well on your way to building, creating, and working safely with a wide variety of both hand tools and portable power tools. We will take the mystery out of working with hand tools and provide you one-on-one coaching so you can learn how to go from idea to creation. This is a great class for beginners, but is equally valuable for those wanting to take their woodworking skills and dreams to the next level.

Basic Fly Casting

Saturday, April 8 from 9am – 12pm
Adirondack Folk School

We will begin with an overview of the fly rod and its components, followed by a discussion of available fly line types and why you use them. The hands-on class starts with readying the rod for fishing. The physical casting program covers the four-part cast, false cast, and the very useful roll cast. No previous experience required.

Needle Felted Baby Chick

Saturday, April 8 from 9am – 4pm
Adirondack Folk School

Needle felting is the process of using a barbed needle to interlock wool fibers to form a dense material. Just in time for spring, students will make a lovely and whimsical baby chick. Basic needle felting techniques will be covered as well as intermediate level techniques such as making wire feet, complex eyes, beaks and wings. Some knowledge of needle felting is helpful.

West Mountain Countryman Challenge – 5k Obstacle Course

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, outdoor and nature
Saturday, April 8 from 10am – 3pm
West Mountain Ski Area

Come out for some spring fun! Test your limits and take part in this all-mountain race with obstacles open to ages 7 and older. Before the official race younger participants will have the opportunity to race a shorter course; this is free for them but they must be registered. Fees for the race include a take-home bag, complimentary BBQ lunch and more. Registration is available online. For those not registered for the race, we have additional BBQ tickets available. Awards will be presented in age categories for girls, boys, women and men.

Caldwell-Lake George Library Book Sale
Saturday, April 8 from 10am – 2pm
Caldwell Library

Books will be sorted by genre and interest, with titles not seen in our usual on-going sale. Childrens’ books, sci-fi, biographies, gardening, and more more more!

Cheers to the Years! at the Tasting Room
9th Anniversary Celebration

Cheers to the Years! ADK Winery 9th Anniversary Celebration at th Tasting Room: April 7-9th
Saturday & Sunday, April 8 & 9
Adirondack Winery

Join us at the Tasting Room all weekend long as we Cheers to the Years and celebrate our 9th Anniversary!

Opening Reception for North Country ART’s

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Saturday, April 8 from 5pm – 7pm
2nd Floor Gallery Glens Falls City Hall

The public is invited to North Country ARTS Visions juried show Art Party/awards presentation at The Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls.  This year’s juror, Victoria Palermo will be presenting awards in three categories. Come see who will be awarded the best of the best!

Wild Whiskers Beard Contest

2016 winners web.jpg
Saturday, April 8 from 5pm – 8pm
Lake George Brewing Co.

Vote for the best beard! New for 2017 is the Biggest Beard from Scratch for those who can grow the most impressive beard in two months? Prizes awarded for Mountain Man, inspired by the gnarly beard of legendary Adirondack guide, Old Mountain Phelps. Best Groomed Full Beard; Best Partial Beard, including sideburns; Best Mustache, and Whiskerina – the Fake Beard. Points will be awarded for awesomeness and creativity. Lots of fun in supporting the Chapman Historical Museum of Glens Falls. Beer and soda provided by Lake George Brewing Company; food and music.

Adirondack Winery 9th Anniversary Wine Dinner

Adirondack Winery 9th Anniversary Wine Dinner at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George: April 8, 2017
Saturday, April 8 from 6pm – 9pm
Fort William Henry Hotel

Join us for a truly wine-infused evening of incredible food paired with our locally hand-crafted, award winning wines at the The Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center, located in the heart of Lake George Village!

Paris, 1935 Fundraiser

Image may contain: text
Saturday, April 8 from 7pm – 10pm
Samantha’s Cafe

Join us for a night in Paris in Glens Falls.  Live music, entertainment, art, photography, silent auction, food and drink.  — 1930s attire encouraged! —

Come as You Are

Saturday, April 8 at 7pm
Charles R. Wood Theater

Warren-Washington Association for Mental Health announces Come As You Are, a staged reading of stories, poems and music about mental illness. Proceeds will benefit WWAMH.

Lake George Mom Prom

Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people standing
Saturday, April 8 from 7pm – 11pm
Fort William Henry Hotel

Appetizers will be served and 2-3 cash bars will be available. Dig up your old gowns or trade new gowns with a friend and join us for a night of fun & laughter while raising money for our community.

Scroll Saw Puzzle Making

Sunday, April 9 from 9am – 4pm
Adirondack Folk School

In this class students will learn the basics of the safe operation of a scroll saw, proper blade selection and installation, pattern transfer, proper cutting techniques and proper body positioning at the saw table. Each student will progress from learning to make moderate curves to tight curves using the scroll saw by producing, first, a wood maple leaf and progressing through more difficult patterns to a final puzzle which will require attention to detail and care in cutting.

Saratoga Sings! of Art and Inspiration

Sunday, April 9 at 3pm
The Hyde Collection

Amidst three of the region’s most exciting art museums and galleries, Opera Saratoga presents three free concerts of opera and song inspired by great artists and works of art. Mezzo Soprano Courtney Elvira, Baritone Garrett Obrycki, and pianist Laurie Rogers will present a concert including music by Mozart, Poulenc, Heggie, Sondheim and more!